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Less control and more space to unfold. In the acrobatic performance Meander, six circus and dance makers weave a visual carpet. They slide and climb over and under each other, soar into the heights or intertwine into one body. In this continuum of movement and rhythm, they highlight their mutual trust despite the frictions and fractures between each other.

Meander is an ode to the process, to our constantly changing view of how we experience each other and our surroundings. By breaking free from traditional power relations, Meander creates a space where every moment can bring a new discovery, a new question or a new insight.


After numerous crossovers, partner acrobats Knot on Hands, Felix Zech and Marta & Kim join forces in the performance Meander. Together they have already won the BNG Bank dance and circus award three times, were selected for Aerowaves, CircusNext, were nominated for the Prijs van de Nederlandse Dansdagen and performed their own work more than 350 times at home and abroad. Under the wings of production houses TENT and Dansateliers, they realise their dream of making a performance together with Meander.


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