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Three movement stories as a as a perpetual motion
Three athletic bodies, three movements and the dazzling possibilities. Partner
acrobatic trio Knot on Hands creates work from pure physical research,
creating and recreating their movement material. And then there are those
gems, a principle of a movement bursting with potential. It is like the
chocolate bonbon that does not reveal its filling, the carefully wrapped gift
whose shape cannot be guessed, that plot-driven story that has no end.
Working from the urge to keep discovering and innovating, Knot on Hands
skillfully responds to this audience need.

CONCRETE works from three families of movement: the organic chapter Roll
unravels a sense of continuity and evolution where one movement flows
seamlessly into another. The movements are powerful and resonate the
changing nature of life. The rhythmic and dynamic chapter Weave is a visual
spectacle where three bodies intertwine to create living images, harmonious
and expressive. The final chapter Stay defies the laws of gravity and forges an
unbreakable bond between the acrobats and the wall, tilting the
perspective. Knot on Hands zooms in and slows down, bringing partner
acrobatics to its core. With this trilogy, they set a mechanism in motion time
and again, that is essentially infinite.



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