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Knot on Hands is a partneracrobatic circus trio created by Britt Timmermans, Mario Kunzi and Tijs Bastiaens. Formed in 2017, they strive to take partner acrobatics into a new direction, where the main focus lies on the physicality between the three bodies. Here they find their common ground, from which point they work to create innovative circus pieces.


Brace for impact






Tijs Bastiaens

Tijs Bastiaens was born in Leuven, Belgium. His circus career started at Circus in Beweging in Leuven at a young age. At the age of 14 he started at the circus humaniora in Leuven where he practiced duo trapeze and acrobatics. In 2015 he got accepted on the Bachelor of Codarts Circus Arts where he first studied duo trapeze but then switched to partner acrobatics together with Britt and Mario, as well as being a strong floor acrobat. Tijs is the big base of Knot on Hands.


Britt Timmermans was born in Haarlem, The Netherlands. Her circus career started from a young age in Amsterdam where she was part of the youth circus Elleboog. At the age of fifteen she entered the pre-education of Codarts Circus Arts. In 2015 she got accepted on the Bachelor of Codarts Circus Arts where she studied partner acrobatics with Mario and Tijs as her first discipline and cyr wheel as her second. Now, she is the flying member of Knot on Hands.

Britt Timmermans


Mario Kunzi was born in Stuttgart, Germany. He started his circus career at CircArtive Pimparello in Gschwend in 2008. After going to the Staatliche Artistenschule Berlin for 3 years together with his best friend and old training partner Joschi Schneider,  he came to the Bachelor studies of Codarts Circus Arts in 2015 where he started working with Britt and Tijs in 2017. With partner acrobatics and handstands, he forms the middle member of Knot on Hands.

Mario Kunzi




Brace for Impact show



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